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Infographic | In portuguese

Enterprise mobility is increasingly becoming a powerful competitive differentiator in the market. Take advantage of this rich infographic, created by iZap Softworks in partnership with Tangerino, to get up to date and stay on top of this strategy.

Ebook | In portuguese

Remote work has become an alternative for many companies. However, some difficulties may arise to implement the home office culture. With that in mind, we created this guide to help you with this task!

Ebook | In portuguese

We have created a step-by-step guide to facilitate the implementation of digital culture in your company. Check it out now!

Ebook | In portuguese

Equipment and tools developed with state-of-the-art technology, besides software and digital solutions, facilitate the execution of the simplest to the most complex agricultural production activities. Understand how!

Ebook | In portuguese

For companies to improve the performance of their teams and get better results from training, investing in an ODL platform can be a game changer.

Ebook | Geniustest | In portuguese

Recruiters and IT companies have always faced a number of challenges when it comes to testing and hiring programmers.

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